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Paradiso and Rasamayi are twin flames and Ambassadors of the Sacred Sound Current who have helped shape the current “music for meditation” landscape. They are dedicated to serving the healing and evolution of humanity with their beautiful, powerful and utterly unique instruments and the “evolutionary music” which flows through them.

They have been identified as the #1 independent World Music band in the world, and have birthed four albums: 3rd Eye Rising, Attuning to Oneness, Celestial Resonance and their latest, Agape Evolution: The Movement. Each album has topped its genre’s international radio charts, and they have won four Best Album of the Year awards (Best Frequency and Transformation, Best Meditation and Relaxation, and two Best New Age Album of the Year awards).  Agape Evolution debuted at #9 on the Billboard New Age charts.

Paradiso and Rasamayi have served worldwide via international radio airplay and interviews, and have co-created in projects and concerts with luminaries including Michael Bernard Beckwith, Jonathan Goldman, Stephen Halpern, Gregg Braden and Dr. Masaru Emoto.

They have toured throughout the United States for almost a decade, facilitating live transmissions of a multi-harmonic overtone orchestra transportive and transformative frequencies in festivals, New Thought churches, yoga and wellness centers in 49 of the United States. Paradiso is a master didjeridoo artist who has played at Carnegie Hall, and learned to play and facilitate healing in a three month series of dreams.  Rasamayi is the only identified Singing Bowl Alchemy Master-Teacher.

Paradiso and Rasamayi have a weekly radio show "Evolutionary Frequencies" on Oneness Talk Radio. The show gives inspiration and tools to illuminate your path. 

"I wanted to thank you for the Sound Healing. The power of the didgeridoos balanced with the purity of the singing bowls and vocals was incredible. It was power and love. Paradiso it felt like you were a whirling dervish quickly spinning around as you played the didgeridoos. Rasamayi, your voice was the sound of Divine love and peace. From my heart “thank you.” I bless you both daily for the beautiful spirits that you are and the gifts that you are sharing."

Many Blessings, -- Mary B.

"When I saw you at Gateways, I told you about the ringing in my ear that had been non-stop for several months. I had also been dizzy. The first thing I noticed after listening to Healing Vibes each night, is that the dizziness went away. Then, two weeks later, the ringing in my ears stopped. Amazing, because I had been told that the ringing could remain for the rest of my life. Thank you very much! " – Jude Marks

Carnegie Hall didgeridoo Artist, Paradiso is a master player who discovered his instrument in 1996, and learned to play and facilitate healing through the instrument in a three-month series of dreams. He also plays the keyboards and shamanic percussion. At the time, he felt lost and without a life purpose. This sacred instrument transformed his life with the energy of inner peace and pursuit of the healing arts, and he now lives to share that path and experience with everyone he meets.

is a singing bowl master alchemist with many lifetimes’ memories of working with these sacred instruments. She has overcome profound disabilities including major depressive disorder and endometriosis, and is inspired to share with the planet the wellness, joy and spiritual healing she has discovered through healing music. Rasamayi is the only person in the world who has been identified as a Singing Bowl Alchemy Master-Teacher.

what we offer

In addition to their evolutionary music concerts at venues across the country, Rasamayi and Paradiso facilitate  frequency-based workshops and congregational messages:

  • Meet Your Bowlmates
  • Manifesting in Divine Alignment
  • AUM Alchemy Workshop
  • Hearing the Divine Call
  • Healing Past Lives
  • Shifting Frequencies

Contact us to see what workshops

we can create for you and your city.

"Thanks so much for the wonderful healing session Rasamayi and Paradiso! I was so relaxed afterwards that I felt like Gumby and the ride home didn’t hurt my back at all. Some negative emotions were released and positive ones let in, and once that happened I was able to take a little trip. My acne cleared up, too.  Larry felt relaxed, too. We look forward to next time."

– Nancy

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