Wide open celestial magic Paradiso & Rasamayi - Agape Evolution The Movement. By Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

Wide open celestial magic Paradiso & Rasamayi – AGAPE EVOLUTION THE MOVEMENT: Being (somewhat of) a “wordsmith”, I prefer to actually look up things… when you put the meanings together “wide-open” (for Agape) and “any process of formation or growth; development” (for evolution), and then listen to the wide open celestial magic this duo creates for your aural enjoyment (headphones MOST HIGHLY recommended), you will realize that they absolutely “nailed it” for the album title… before you start your listen, be sure you check out this beautiful promo trailer they made for the release, featuring their “Love’s Visioning” performance….

very well-crafted visuals magically morph to illustrate the “great leap forward” that we are all in the process of living through together.  You can watch many more of their enlightening works by SUBSCRIBING to their YouTube channel (since you’re already there). I’ve previously noted that their “sound healing” (issue #161) work is well-established here, since I’ve reviewed many of their other albums, too.  This double-CD features Paradiso on crystal/traditional didgeridoos and Sage: world’s largest crystal didgeridoo, keyboards, crystal tuning forks, hand drums, hammer dulcimer, harmonium, tampura and throat singing and Rasamayi performing with angelic seed mantra chanting, Alchemy crystal singing bowls, expanding crystal pyramids and Ajni: the 2nd largest crystal didgeridoo; their music together is truly wonderful, and I’ve no doubt this album will be considered for (and WIN) awards! 

The ethereal voices on “Sowing StarSeeds” is just one of the reasons why I believe this piece will be receiving MAJOR airplay on New Age stations around the world… the subtle percussion against the slow, steady didgeridoo pulse are what made it such a powerful piece for me… true fusion of elements we all have access to by these truly talented and accomplished performers.

The tune that really “wrapped it” for me, though, is also the longest piece on the album… “Global AUM” closes the double-CD set out brilliantly… it’s my personal favorite of the fifteen transcendent performances, and I’ve little doubt that you will find yourself coming back to this one over & over again… in fact, this song is the best ambient piece I’ve listened to (yet) in 2019!

I give Paradiso & Rasamayi a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99 for this highly engaging sonic journey.  

Review by Dyan Garris for ZMR & NewAgeCD.com

Paradiso & Rasamayi Turturici are master sound healers and twin flame soul mates who have been making healing music together for many years and perhaps many lifetimes. Paradiso is a master didgeridoo artist who has played at Carnegie Hall.  Rasamayi is a Singing Bowl Alchemy Master Teacher.

The album, “Agape Evolution: The Movement,” is their fourth album together. This is a two-disc set comprised of fifteen tracks, and more than two hours of high-vibrational sound healing experience. And this IS an “experience.” Disc One is “Integrate.” Disc Two is “Ascend.”  The album debuted at #9 on Billboard Magazine’s New Age chart.

The intention of this album is not only to help people on individual levels, but to help raise up the frequency of the collective consciousness as well, to the “agape love.” This is a sound healing album that is good for meditation, contemplation, massage, and to listen to while engaging in various healing modalities. It is not recommended to listen to this album while driving or operating other heavy machinery as the sounds and frequencies presented here are so “trance-inducing,” especially when you get to the second part of this double album.

The instrumentation on “Agape Evolution” includes performances by Paradiso on traditional didgeridoos, as well as two very large crystal didgeridoos named “Sage and “Ajni,” which are apparently the largest crystal didgeridoos in the world.

Keyboards, crystal tuning forks, hand drums, hammer dulcimer, harmonium, tampura and throat singing are also brought into the mix, along with Rasamayi’s angelic seed-mantra chanting, alchemy crystal singing bowls, and expanding crystal pyramids.

Throat singing is a form of overtone singing, which explained in a very simplified manner is, “human mimicry of the sounds of nature” by creating vocally a harmonic series or a series of specific frequencies. Think “whales,” perhaps, and you’ve got the idea. Throat singing is considered one of the oldest forms of music.

Seed mantra chanting has been used in meditative practice for centuries to open, clear, and balance the chakras and energy field. “OM,” for example, is a basic seed mantra. Each seed mantra is a particular syllable, has a specific purpose, vibrates to a certain frequency, and corresponds to a specific chakra.

“Agape Evolution: The Movement” is a story, a journey through soul evolution, that begins with a few minutes of elemental sound for clearing.  Here we face and acknowledge our “shadow self,” i.e., the “ego self,” and are drawn magnetically, it seems, into a kind of vortex energy, “Clearing Vortex,” by the consistent drone of the didjeridoo.  We are at the beginning of the journey of the soul’s evolution.  Paradiso’s didgeridoo mastery is featured prominently in this track and we can effectively feel the healing frequencies traveling through our physical bodies and our chakras. 

It’s important to understand that this musical work of art is not what we think of as traditional “New Age music,” in that the songs have no definitive melody, form, or structure. However, it is not that it is unstructured either. This is a very intentional album from beginning to end. But the songs here are definitively sound healing and vibrational frequencies. These are “evolutionary frequencies.”

The subsequent tracks on the first disc lead us higher and higher into the evolution. The eight tracks on this portion of the album are lengthy, allowing plenty of time for the listener to absorb and integrate the frequencies.  It may not be an accident that the number 8 is also the number representing infinity, as well as a number that represents the combination of both the spiritual and Earthly worlds.

TAs we follow the journey along the path of “evolution,” we are led then into “Goddess Fire,” which feels like a good opportunity for purification of the spirit.  From there we experience “Archangel Intercession,” which features Rasamayi’s angelic intonations, and then on into “Agape’s Call,” which is pretty and peaceful. “Love’s Visioning” is equally so, and here we have frequencies and vibrations one can literally feel in their heart chakra. Very nicely done.

Then our “ego self” has opportunity to embrace and integrate light in “Shadow Illumination.” The sound vibrations get more complex with the incorporation of various other elements of Paradiso & Rasamayi’s sound healing mastery here, as well as on the last two tracks of the first disc, “Integrating Divine,” and “Transcending Time.”

The second part of this album, consisting of seven tracks, is where the “transmutation” into the higher, divine love – the agape – has opportunity to take place. As we enter seamlessly then into the second disc, we do so with the aptly titled, “Entering AUM.” AUM is considered a higher vibrational frequency, with the three letters, A, U, and M, representing three vibrations of creation.  This track is very ethereal with Rasamayi’s heavenly vocals, the keyboard synth, and Paradiso’s droning didgeridoo underneath. And if we allow it, here we can feel ourselves one with all Creation.

As a note – and I would venture to say that this, i.e., seven tracks for this portion of the album – was perhaps intentional as well, because, at its base, the spiritual significance of the number 7 represents “completeness.” Something to ponder as you dive deeply into all that this album is.

From there we experience “Ancestors’ Embrace” and “Sowing StarSeeds,” where through voice, synth, didgeridoo, gong, and drum, we can literally feel ourselves part of the universal heartbeat of humanity and eternal love.  “Birthing the Eternal” is expansive and expressive.  In “Sacred Heart Soaring,” we are again bathed in Rasamayi’s divine chanting, and with the other interesting sound elements we are easily transported into a whole other dimension.

As one might surmise from the title, I personally found that “Beyond Attachment” can quite easily precipitate an out-of-body experience. Hypnotic and calming.

Closing out the double album is “Global AUM.” This gentle, relaxing, empyrean track is almost fifteen minutes long. And here is where we can fully integrate the healing, high-vibrational frequencies we’ve been engrossed in for two hours.  

An immersive experience, this is not for everyone, but it is at the same time, expressly and unequivocally for everyone. Recommended for deep meditation, healing, connection, and integration of mind, body, and spirit, and for transcendental, transformational experiences.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

New Age Meditation-World Review: Paradiso & Rasamayi-Agape Evolution The Movement 

The didgeridoo is a wind instrument developed by Indigenous Australians of northern Australia. It is an ancient instrument still in use today. The drone sound that it makes is mesmerizing and used very effectively in meditation and for various musical projects not intended for that specific use.

The didgeridoo is a wind instrument developed by Indigenous Australians of northern Australia. It is an ancient instrument still in use today. The drone sound that it makes is mesmerizing and used very effectively in meditation and for various musical projects not intended for that specific use.

Paradiso & Rasamayi are a couple that have combined their talents on several new age albums. Agape Evolution: The Movement is their most recent release.

The goal of this dynamic and talented couple is to create healing frequencies to cleanse the soul. That is a tall order indeed however the power of music cannot be underestimated. This is a fifteen track two-disc limited edition digipak tri-fold work of art. What you have the opportunity to embrace are some amazing sounds on Agape Evolution: The Movement.

The use of the didgeridoos, keyboards, singing bowls and voice work is a beautiful, colorful and earthy combination. It will delight new age and world music fans and those seeking a path to meditation.

The drone of the digeridoos is a steady focal point for those pursuing meditation while listening. Outside of that realm, if you are seeking quite relaxation time to clear your mind, this music can get you there.

Everything that is blended into that one foundation instrument just adds to the layers and textures that are created over the two discs. Within each track you will hear an amazing blend of instrumentals and voice. I found it all very relaxing and healing. That is the goal of Paradiso & Rasamayi, to show listeners there is an outlet for healing, a positive exercise of sounds, vibrations, tones and frequencies (all keyboards are tuned to 432hz) to realign the chakras. The end result is you become a better you, and an example for others to follow. 

Agape Evolution: The Movement is a must have companion for meditation and relaxation that should not be missed. There is enough music and vibrations here to last for a good hour or if you want less you can play one disc. Either way you are making the right choice and receiving the full benefit of the art presented on this set.

RajMan Reviews

CD Review – 3rd Eye Rising: A Journey Through Ascending Realms, by Paradiso and Rasamayi

Paradiso and Rasamayi serve as musical spirit guides on their latest collaboration, 3rd Eye Rising: A Journey Through Ascending Realms.

The CD features the talents of Paradiso on didgeridoo and keyboards and Rasamayi on chants and Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, resulting in a blissful sound experience that creates the impression of floating on clouds.

Paradiso’s keyboards lay the lush sonic foundation over which his didgeridoo and Rasamayi’s chants and Tibetan and crystal singing bowls coalesce into exotic otherworldly sounds that rapture the senses and elevate the consciousness into other dimensions of being.

There is one track, which I call “The Gong Song,” that completely grabbed my attention and never let go. Aside from a brief synthesizer intro, the recording is composed entirely of two gongs that sound like one gong coming to a shimmering conclusion over several minutes. I never thought I could be mesmerized by a tune consisting solely of gongs. It is probably the most compelling track on the album.

3rd Eye Rising: A Journey Through Ascending Realms comes as close as an album can get to being the perfect aural background for meditation and massage. Its hypnotic, cathartic effect makes it absolutely conducive to therapeutic healing, and it’s pleasant to listen to as an ethereal soundtrack to accompany the mind on its transcendental journeys.

– Raj Manoharan


Mainly Piano

3rd Eye Rising is the first collaborative recording by Paradiso and Rasamayi. Subtitled “A Journey Through Ascending Realms,” the back cover states “This unique CD accelerates your evolution by unlocking these spiritual gifts.” Each of the eleven gifts is the title for its corresponding song. They are, Bliss, Gratitude, Invocation, Abundance, Transformation, Love, Guidance, Flow, Wisdom, Power, and Purpose. Instrumentation includes didgeridoo, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, chanting, chimes, gongs, tampura, and Shamanic percussion.

Paradiso is a producer, musician, master didgeridoo artist, and an internationally acclaimed sound healer. He also performs on keyboards on this album and has released four best-selling and award-winning CDs to date. Rasamayi is also an acclaimed sound healer whose elegant and soothing chants and crystal and Tibetan singing bowls create a fascinating contrast to the earthy and resonant didg. Each song was recorded with the intention of facilitating healing and transformation on all levels through the healing power of sound. The album is ideal for meditation, relaxation, massage, and all other healing modalities. The liner notes also state that the artists/healers are “twin flames and partners in the mystic healing practice of the Sacred Sound Current. They are full body channels for many Guides, Angels, and Masters, who prescribe the frequencies for the development of those the couple serves in private practice, musical performances and group sound healings worldwide. Together, they represent the balance between divine masculine and feminine energies.”

I have to admit that this album is very different from the piano music I usually review, but the journey is a fascinating one. The sound quality is superb, allowing the listener to focus on any of the layers of sound as well as to the blending of the various musical voices as a whole. More ambient and atmospheric than melodic (with exceptions), I find that the music evokes many visual images for me that bring a rather hypnotic state. If you are interested in exploring the art of healing music, this is a great place to start. 3rd Eye Rising  is available from www.5thElementMusic.com, Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby, Borders bookstores, and metaphysical venues. Check it out!

– Kathy Parsons http://mainlypiano.com/2011_Reviews/Paradiso_%26_Rasamayi-3rd_Eye_Rising.html

New Age Music Review

New Age music artists Paradiso and Rasamayi have devoted their musical careers to developing sound for the purpose of energy enhancement and healing. Their newest album Celestial Resonance does just that. Using world music, sounds of nature and a multitude of instruments, their sound weaves into a seamless blend to spur the listener’s relaxation.

“Love’s Repose” was like being in a cathedral. Open and airy, but filled with much thought and emotion, this song is truly beautiful. Ambient music paves the way for breathless female vocals and the buzzing texture of world music sounds. This is the world as defined by a celestial being. Not just one religion, but many. We are all people. A pebble dropped into the ocean of the living. Deep and wide. Poignant and full of longing. With expert artistry, this piece reaches out to the dormant parts in all of us that fall into human traps of disregard for others suffering and instead teaches us to instead reach for joy. The sound of water cleanses us whole and leads us to a new beginning.

“The Growing Light” brings bells and the promise of newness. A heavenly awakening with the crispness of early morning and the wet kiss of dew in the pale sunlight. Chimes whisper on the breeze, tinkling their delight at the hum of voices just out of range. The ambient occurrence of a presence watching with benevolent joy. We are awakening to what we will become. Joy. Love. Bright and shiny with newness and positive thoughts. Each gong of the bell proclaims a rebirth and a promise of a brighter path ahead.

“Infinite Resonance” is water and essence of the sea. The tides come and go and with it the circle of life. Fluid world music joins the ocean sounds and they are both joined by chanting vocalizations that reminded me of angels singing to the dawn. A woodwind instrument calls out the morning’s majesty as the holy light of the infinite shines down upon us all. The music swirls in a sometimes brooding resonance that speaks to the patterns of life. You must know dark to recognize the light. To live through the trials to see the victories. To love and be loved. For this is life. This is awakening.

This album is a tapestry of world music, New Age and nature sounds all wrapped up in a neat little package. It incorporates vocals and instruments of all kinds paired with ambient sounds. Each track presents a story. A path to peace and healing. Some with a buzzing resonance and others without. Those were my favorite. This album is a good choice if you want something to get you away from the world for a little while. So grab yourself some green tea and settle in for a relaxing listen. You may find yourself hitting the play button again on this one.

– Keith MuzikMan Hannaleck on August 1, 2015

Insight, Retailing Insight Magazine

Paradiso and Rasamayi craft some of the most immersive meditation music available and Celestial Resonance may be their best offering yet. On this two-disc set (one is a single album-length track while the other contains eleven pieces), the duo perform on an assortment of meditational devices (crystal singing bowls, expanding crystal pyramids, crystal tuning forks) as well as keyboards, didgeridoo, bass, wind synthesizer, percussion, and wordless vocals. Disc 1 is a mind-expanding passage through deep, dense soundscapes, while disc 2 offers a variety of approaches to meditative music, but never strays so far as to pull the listener out of her/his state of relaxation or contemplation.

– Bill Binkelman, Music Reviewer

Muzik Reviews

Paradiso & Rasamayi are partners in the art of mystic healing. With their new release on Paradiso’s own 5th Element Music label, 3rd Eye Rising, the duo combine their skills to formulate eleven tracks designed for relaxation, meditation and healing. Paradiso is a master didgeridoo artist and Rasamayi is trained in the healing of sound in Vedic, Shamanic and Himalayan traditions.

Reviewing music like this is a journey quite unlike putting on a CD with words or any specific genre that you are familiar with. Music like this has a purpose and reason for being in your presence. If you do not believe in coincidences and happen to understand the principals of the law of attraction then you are in complete sync with my thought process. I am listening to this CD because I need its healing elements right now. Music like this helps me to unwind and remove the stress and eventually puts me on the path to enlightenment which I believe is the entire purpose of artists like Paradiso & Rasamayi.

I have listened to it twice now, the first time I was not ready for it, and then on the second spin I connected and understood what this music was all about… It all sounds like heady stuff but actually it’s quite simple, you just have to give it a chance to work on you and let it happen.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

MuzikReviews.com Founder

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Tracks:01. Bliss02. Gratitude03. Invocation04. Abundance

05. Transformation

06. Love

07. Guidance

08. Flow

09. Wisdom

10. Power

11. Purpose


The Borderland

Paradiso & Rasamayi – 3rd Eye Rising (PMR 0006)

Subtitled “A Journey Through Ascending Realms”, you can take it as read that 3rd Eye Rising falls deeply into the New Age/Healing/Yoga category of music. Having said that I found the album to be more World Music, and being highly evocative of music from the Himalayas. What we have is a mixture of didjeridoo, keyboards, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, chimes, gongs and chanting, plus shamanic and Tampura percussion, all performed by Paradiso and Rasamayi. Spread over eleven tracks are a series of soundscapes that helps evoke a state of mind for therapy or if you are more interested in the music, a series of mind pictures situated in the high valleys and the mountain tops of the Himalayas. You can almost smell the Yak butter from here… With track titles such as Bliss, Gratitude, Invocation and Transformation it is obvious that the music and sounds on this CD are designed to help aid meditation, yoga and assorted healing therapies, and being British I may be a little cynical about that sort of stuff, but 3rd Eye Rising works best for me as a musical portrait of those mystical and magical mountains rising north of India. The blend of ethnic instruments with soft washes of synthesiser are quite impressionistic, painting richly detailed mind pictures. I think this album has several target audiences, and I don’t think any will be disappointed opulent sounds within. Along with the usual online outlets you can buy this CD from Borders, Barnes & Noble and, more likely in the UK, alternative healing shops.



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