Rootwire Transformational Arts Festival 2K17

  • 20 Jul 2017
  • 23 Jul 2017
  • Wisteria Campground 39825 State Route 684 Pomeroy, OH 45769


Rootwire is a 4-Day, 3-Night Transformational Experience designed to Celebrate and Inspire Love, Beauty, Music, Community Building, and Shared Consciousness. 

Everyone in attendance: musicians, artists, presenters, organizers, volunteers, staff, vendors, cooks, attendees - everyone! - is asked to aPicturectively participate in the Transformational Act of personal and collective creation. We hope that from day one everyone is there thinking, "Love starts from me!" and goes back home four days later feeling it ten times stronger.

As with every year, we have meticulously searched far and wide for the most amazing and inspiring Transformational musicians, artists, and presenters available and have already assembled an impressive lineup for Rootwire 2K17. However, we have yet to finalize all aspects of the event, so there is more to look forward to as we make further adjustments that will take the event to ever higher heights. Expect your experiential and mind-glowing pleasure to reach pinnacle peaks at the 8th Annual Rootwire!

PictureNew Thousand, RW2K16

As you've come to expect, this year's musical lineup once again features jaw dropping sounds from local, regional, national and international acts. To enhance the music, aesthetically, Rootwire offers the largest festival-based visionary art exposition in the Eastern United States, hosting an international lineup of artists whose works are of the most moving and stunning expressions the imagination and spirit can manifest. And while the art and music of Rootwire will certainly open your mind and fill your heart, it doesn't stop there. This landmark festival also gives the same conscientious attention to the soul … to spiritual, educational, and ceremonial aspects of celebration, offering a transcendent selection of inspiring speakers, master practitioners, devoted activists, tribal elders, and activated yogis.

Picture Rootwire intends to supercharge every joy, dance, love, laugh, spin, hug, and think molecule in your body and beyond. Rootwire is about tapping in, about getting deep, about planting roots in things that matter, about blooming and branching out to connect and flow in the spirit of love.

You will make a difference if you're there,
so, please, join us at Rootwire 2K1 7!


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