Portland, Oregon - Semi-Private Sound Healing Concert + Workshop

  • 4 Oct 2018
  • 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • New Renaissance Bookshop ~ 1338 NW 23rd Ave., Portland, OR 97210
  • 15


  • $77

    To Register call 503-224-4929
    Visit New Renaissance Bookstore
New Renaissance Bookshop
1338 NW 23rd Ave.
Portland, OR 97210

To Register call 503-224-4929 Or Visit New Renaissance Bookstore
Accelerate Consciousness Expansion

Semi-Private Evolutionary Music Experience PLUS Workshop with Paradiso and Rasamayi

Dive deep into an Evolutionary Music semi-private sacred sound session, where internationally renowned Master Didjeridoo Healing Artist Paradiso and Singing Bowl Alchemy Master-Teacher Rasamayi tune into and create sacred sound frequency prescriptions specifically for you. In this far more intimate group than their usual offerings, they are able to go even deeper in clearing blocked energy, harmonizing auric frequencies and activating transformative shifts in consciousness, spending more time on each soul in attendance and working on each attendee individually multiple times in the course of the session. After receiving so abundantly, you will then be educated in and gain experience with the innate and supporting tools you can use daily to continually create the transformative, healing meditative frequencies for yourself - in as little as 10 minutes per day! - and will have the opportunity to play the activated precious and semi-precious gem, mineral and metal infused Alchemy crystal Singing Bowls. 


All registration for New Renaissance events happens through the bookstore. Please call to register at 503-224-4929, or register in-person in advance or day of the event.

Internationally renowned sound healers and back to back Best New Age Album of the Year winners Paradiso and Rasamayi present their new CD and the experience of Celestial Resonance: Journey into the Infinite Heart.

Carnegie Hall didjeridoo artist Paradiso and singing bowl master alchemist Rasamayi bring concerts that are doorways to multidimensional journeys and experience regular reports of transformative experiences. Experience “Ezra” the Kundalini serpent didjeridoo crystal singing bowls infused with crystals including citrine, platinum, morganite, azeztulite, diamond and more. 

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Winner of best Frequency & Transformational music and Best Meditation Music of the year

Paradiso and Rasamayi are internationally renowned sound healers with five New Age Radio chart-topping CDs and awards for the year’s best Meditation/Relaxation, World, and New Age albums.

Although their mystical and celestial music earns them frequent praise as consummate musicians by the most prestigious critics, award foundations and DJs of both the world of mainstream music and the New Age community,  Paradiso and  Rasamayi are fully self-trained. Beyond their function as musicians, they are ambassadors of the Sacred Sound Current and channels of their audiences’ unique frequency prescription for optimal healing and soul evolution.

Rasamayi is a chanteuse and Singing Bowl Master Alchemist and a full-body channel for the many manifestations of Divine Mother.

Paradiso is a master didjeridoo artist and founder of the “5th Element Music” label, with 5 bestselling, award-winning, and international New Age Radio chart-topping healing CDs: “Healing Vibes,” “Shaman’s Trance,” “Middle Path,” “Himalayan Chakra Healing” and “3rd Eye Rising.”

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