Evolutionary Music: Sound of Peace and Progress

  • 19 Jan 2019
  • 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
  • Unity Southeast in Kansas City ~ 3421 E. Meyer Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64132


  • Price increases to $33 day of event
  • Day of Event pricing. Tickets must be purchased at the door.
  • Price increases to $22 for tickets purchased 12/25/18 - 1/18/19.
    Price increases to $33 day of event.
Unity Southeast in Kansas City
3421 E. Meyer Blvd.
Kansas City, MO 64132

Evolutionary Music:  Sound of Peace and Progress

Open to all ages
Accelerate Consciousness Expansion

Ready to experience the next step of evolution for yourself, humanity and the planet?  People around the world have reported an experience beyond the perception of time and limitations when they are immersed in the vibrations that come through Paradiso and Rasamayi, joined THIS NIGHT ONLY by Ceremonial Specialists Jason Eric Belair and Hannah Luce!  We cordially invite you to experience the joy of breaking through dissonance and resistance, into the deeper understanding and expanded embodiment of peace - where we may each truly know ourSelf, in at-One-ment with All that Is.

Paradiso and Rasamayi are the world renowned, Billboard and ZMR (worldwide New Age Music) chart-topping founders of Evolutionary Music. Their incomparable instrument "family" includes Aboriginal, modern, and crystal didjeridoos (including Sage and Ajni, the two world's larges crystal didjes; Ezra, the gem-covered kundalini serpent didjeridoo; and 33 of the gem-infused Alchemy crystal singing bowls). A multi-harmonic overtone orchestra of singing bowls, angelic vocal toning and didjeridoos - complemented by a sound-generated cymatic light show - makes the deep meditative state of theta brainwave activity readily accessible. Evolutionary Music transcends the possibilities of "sound healing," facilitating the release of all energies which no longer serve Your soul journey, and the activation of your next blessings and progress in personal and collective evolution.

Winner of best Frequency & Transformational music and Best Meditation Music of the year

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Jason and and Hannah meet you where you’re at, and in devotion, assist you in the practice of remembering and embodying your true essence. They intuitively utilize various techniques such as breathing, mind movement, energy, sound and song to cultivate the support your needs in accordance with expanding our awareness in consciousness together.  Working private, in a family group or community. Their work can be explored at ‘Expressing Oneness’ on all social media.

About Paradiso and Rasamayi:

Paradiso and Rasamayi are internationally renowned sound healers with five New Age Radio chart-topping CDs and awards for the year’s best Meditation/Relaxation, World, and New Age albums.

Although their mystical and celestial music earns them frequent praise as consummate musicians by the most prestigious critics, award foundations and DJs of both the world of mainstream music and the New Age community, Carnegie Hall didjeridoo artist Paradiso and singing bowl master alchemist Rasamayi are fully self-trained. Beyond their function as musicians, they are ambassadors of the Sacred Sound Current and channels of their audiences’ unique frequency prescription for optimal healing and soul evolution.

The twin flames’ collaborative debut CD 3rd Eye Rising won the Independent Music Award for Best New Age Album of the Year, was featured in Dr. Masaru Emoto’s MyHado application, won the Independent Music Award for the Best New Age Album of the Year, was voted in the top 3 of 2011’s World Music CDs by the Coalition of Visionary Resources, the top 5 of the year’s meditation and relaxation CDs by the Zone Music Reporter, and was in the top 5 of 2011’s international airplay of world, ambient and New Age music. Their live events are uniquely powerful and beautiful spiritual soundscapes in which those in attendance frequently report experiences of unprecedented and profound meditation; visions of their guides, life purpose and past lives; and profound healing of acute and chronic emotional, physical and spiritual dis-ease. Their new CD, “Attuning to Oneness: The Harmonic Ascension” features the song “All is Love,” which was originally recorded by request of Humanity’s Team, founded by Neale Donald Walsch.

Rasamayi is a chanteuse and Singing Bowl Master Alchemist and a full-body channel for the many manifestations of Divine Mother.

Paradiso is a master didjeridoo artist and founder of the “5th Element Music” label, with 5 bestselling, award-winning, and international New Age Radio chart-topping healing CDs: “Healing Vibes,” “Shaman’s Trance,” “Middle Path,” “Himalayan Chakra Healing” and “3rd Eye Rising.”

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