• 17 Oct 2018 8:00 PM | Anonymous

    After ten years of making and recording Evolutionary Music together, Paradiso and Rasamayi have given birth to another album. The double album “Agape Evolution: The Movement” will be released November 13. A Kickstarter campaign begins soon for those who want to support it and be among the first to receive it.

    “Our new album tells the story and transmits the energy of powerful and divine love, staring unflinchingly at the shadow; integrating the soul lesson there, then transmuting it into a higher expression of embodied divinity,” Rasamayi says. 

    One of the songs is a duet between the two largest crystal didigeridoos in the world, the instruments pictured below. Paradiso and Rasamayi had tried to capture the sacred sound of the instruments together for years, and this is the first successful recording. 

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    Sign up for Paradiso & Rasamayi's email list to receive information on ordering "Agape Evolution: The Movement" online. Or mark your calendar for November 13, come back to this website, and place your order. 

    You also can purchase the album in person at one of their concerts. They are touring the South and Midwest in November. 

  • 9 Sep 2018 10:43 AM | Anonymous

    Paradiso and Rasamayi spent two hours visiting with Alan and Sandra, hosts of Twin Flame Divine Fire Radio Show.  You can listen to a recording of the show on Truth Frequency Radio.

    Alan and Sandra are Bifurcation Attunement Energy Healders and guides who help people understand the power of the mind, body and sould and how frequency plays a key role in our lives. Their mission is to radiate the frequency of hope!

  • 27 Aug 2018 9:07 PM | Anonymous

    The founders of Evolutionary Music offer their sound healing in Granada Hills September 12 and 13 at Center for Spiritual Living, 17622 Chatsworth Street. Paradiso and Rasamayi play didjeridoos and singing bowls to create healing sound waves.  The duo’s three albums have topped the World Music genre’s international radio charts and collectively won four Best Album of the Year awards—Best Frequency and Transformation, Best Meditation and Relaxation, and two Best New Age Album of the Year awards.

    The duo's appearance at Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills includes a concert at 8 p.m. September 12, and a workshop called Meet Your Bowlmate at 6 p.m. September 13. Tickets are available at   http://www.paradisoandrasamayi.com/event-2992557.

    Paradiso and Rasamayi began working together ten years ago in the Bay Area. Today, their home is in Kansas City, Missouri. From the middle of the country, they tour from coast-to-coast. 


    Reviewers say Paradiso and Rasamayi make some of the best meditation music out there. New age music icon Bill Binkelman calls their music “mind-expanding.”

    “Paradiso and Rasamayi craft some of the most immersive meditation music available,” Binkelman said in his review of their most recent album “Celestial Resonance.”

    Another reviewer, Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck, calls Paradiso and Rasamayi “partners in the art of mystic healing.”

    Rasamayi, an alchemy singing bowl master teacher, will lead the Meet Your Bowlmate workshop. She will teach attendees about the qualities of the various bowls and help them find one right for them. People who use singing bowls in their homes for meditation report profound spiritual growth.

    Editors/Producers: Find sample music, photos and more info at http://paradisoandrasamayi.com/Press-Kit.  Paradiso and Rasamayi are in Los Angeles and available for interviews before the concert.

    CONTACT: Beth Hammock, publicist, 816-787-2565, pr@5thelementmusic.com

  • 14 May 2013 1:58 PM | Deleted user
    We are thrilled and honored to bring you news of our newest sound healing CD, Attuning to Oneness: The Harmonic Ascension, released March 5th.  The Zone Music Reporter’s (ZMR) March charts have been posted and  Attuning to Oneness has debuted at number 5! We are beyond grateful to all of the disc jockeys for their support.

    Etheric and potent in turn, Attuning to Oneness is instrumental new age and meditation music featuring exotic instruments in the loving hands of master players: Paradiso on didgeridoo, keyboards, theremin and gong and Rasamayi’s angelic chants, crystal merkaba and singing bowls.  Ideal for meditation, relaxation, massage, and all healing modalities, each song was recorded with the intention to facilitate individual and global evolution through the healing power of sound.

    You can follow this link to listen to and learn about Attuning to Oneness: The Harmonic Ascension and the rest of our sound healing music.  We thank you for your continued support as we spread the healing frequencies of the sacred sound current through the radio waves that blanket the Earth.

    In gratitude and service,

    Paradiso & Rasamayi

  • 6 Mar 2013 2:01 PM | Deleted user

    Attuning to Oneness: The Harmonic Ascension is the latest sound healing album from best-selling, multi-award winning New Age artists, master didgeridoo player Paradiso and chanteuse/singing bowl master alchemist Rasamayi.

    Attuning to Oneness is instrumental new age music featuring Paradiso on didgeridoo, keyboards, Theremin, and gong, with Rasamayi’s “angelic” and “ethereal” chants, gem- and mineral-infused Alchemy crystal singing bowls, and crystal merkaba.  Ideal for meditation, relaxation, massage, yoga, and all healing modalities, each song was recorded with the intention to facilitate healing and transformation on all levels through the healing power of sound.

    “Preliminary critical response to the album has been deeply gratifying,” say Rasamayi.  Dana Wright calls it “an awakening” and “captivating;” Michael Diamond says that it is “deep and soulful, connecting with the listener in a place beyond where we usually listen to music from.”  With celestial beauty which transports the soul to a higher plane on tracks like Attuning to Oneness, and more primal power on tracks like All Is Love (which was originally recorded by request from Humanity’s Team, founded by Neale Donald Walsch) this album represents an integrated range of New Age and World music genres.

    You can follow this link to listen to all of their sound healing music and purchase Attuning to Oneness: The Harmonic Ascension.

    We thank you for your continued support as we spread the healing frequencies of the sacred sound current across the nation and around the globe!

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