New Album "Agape Evolution: The Movement" to be Released November 30

17 Oct 2018 8:00 PM | Anonymous

After ten years of making and recording Evolutionary Music together, Paradiso and Rasamayi have given birth to another album. The double album “Agape Evolution: The Movement” will be released November 30. A Kickstarter campaign is underway for those who want to support it and receive it before the official release date.

“Our new album tells the story and transmits the energy of powerful and divine love, staring unflinchingly at the shadow; integrating the soul lesson there, then transmuting it into a higher expression of embodied divinity,” Rasamayi says. 

One of the songs is a duet between the two largest crystal didigeridoos in the world, the instruments pictured below. Paradiso and Rasamayi had tried to capture the sacred sound of the instruments together for years, and this is the first successful recording. 

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It will be the perfect holiday gift for your beloveds!

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